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Sector: Education
Service: Project Management

Torquay Boys’ Grammar School is a selective school for boys based in Devon. With a proud history dating back to 1904, the school takes pride in providing an exceptional learning environment and the very best facilities for its pupils. With this in mind, the school appointed Hookway to assist with its Condition Improvement Fund bid applications in order to secure crucial investment for their school buildings.

Following a successful application, the window and door refurbishment project was subsequently awarded funding. The scheme involved replacing the school’s defective 40+ year old single glazed timber framed window and doors with modern, fit-for-purpose, high performing double glazed aluminium alternatives. In total over 190 windows and 65 sets of doors were replaced across the school site.

A Modern Solution with Improved Lighting & Ventilation

The specified glazing solution was Alitherm 700 from Smart Systems, a fixed light and open out casement window offering balanced, effective airflow whilst maintaining safety and security. For the doors, Smartwall Commercial open in/out doors with enhanced thermal performance were selected. The specified finishings were silver anodized both inside and out, providing durability and a sleek, modern appearance. Part of the proposed design also included removing the transom and mullions to maximise the light into classrooms and corridors. In addition, natural ventilation has been significantly improved with EMM humidity controlled ventilators fixed overhead with slimline casings.

A range of bespoke solutions have also been installed to suit the school’s specific needs including automated Teleflex winding gear in high level areas, self-closing mechanisms and anti-finger trap stiles on all doors. Hookway also facilitated the working schedule for WHI’s site team in order to complete the project during term time and holidays, a challenging task due to the impact that COVID had on the overall programme. The school was kept regularly updated on progress throughout the works.

Thorough planning & clear communication - key to success

Overall, thorough planning, clear communication and managing achievable expectations helped ensure the success of this complex project.

Site Manager, Mr P Richardson, said; "Hookway has worked in collaboration with us to deliver this transformation project and has provided regular clear communication throughout which has helped with the smooth running of the project. The project team have all played a vital role in this year-long programme and we’re delighted the project has finished on time and on budget.” 

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“Hookway has been vital in the process of applying for this funding. We handed them responsibility and they delivered a concise and detailed package of information which included everything required to submit to Salix. They made it easy and took it out of our hands. We can happily say that Hookway was crucial to us being successful and we look forward to working with them on the 2nd phase of application. ”

“Our old sports hall has now been transformed into a multi-purpose performance space with a professional stage lighting and sound rig. What a transformation! Tom Bishop from Hookway listened very carefully to our requirements and then went about designing the new Norton Hill Arts Theatre. With cherry panelling and sound absorbent materials the main room has amazing acoustics, perfect for concerts and performances alike.”

“The new building has been open for over a year and teachers and pupils are still excited about it. It is so well designed in terms of light, space and ventilation that it is a joy to work in. The projecting roof at each end creates fantastic covered play space.”