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Posted on 11 September 2018

The news on school loos

Healthy habits

Having well-appointed washrooms in schools is of critical importance. For the very young a visit to the loo can be quite daunting; making sure that the facilities are bright, clean and welcoming helps make the experience more pleasant, encouraging good toilet habits from the get-go.

Ensure privacy and safety

There are a range of various washroom configurations that can be tailor made to the School’s requirements whilst also meeting the Government’s and industry’s recommendations. Reduced height cubicle doors are often installed for Key Stage 1 so as to allow for informal supervision by staff without compromising pupils’ privacy. For older student’s full height cubicles, from floor to ceiling, can be installed to provide individual concealed cubicles which again enhances student privacy. A current trend we are finding is the open-plan concept which features a more flexible and inclusive environment, usually achieved by removing dividing and separating walls. 

Keeping it clean  

Keeping the design and layout streamlined, and the room well lit and ventilated, makes it easier to supervise without sacrificing the students' privacy. Keeping the area clean, fresh and well-stocked helps create a pleasant environment. Using interior wall cladding and vinyl floor coverings results in hygienic, durable and smooth surface finishes which in turn make them easy to maintain and keep germ-free.  

The bottom line

Our team of surveyors are experts in designing, installing and refurbishing school washrooms. Over the summer holidays we have installed around £2M worth of new washrooms and toilets for schools located in the south west. That’s more than 40 toilets installed in five bright and airy washrooms.

Read more about some of the projects that have recently been completed for Pewsey Vale School and Hayesfield Girl’s School, or to find out more call 0117 905 9930 or email your enquiry and we will get back to you.

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