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Sector: Education
Service: Building Surveying | Project Management

Modular classrooms are used to create additional teaching space; quick to install and extremely cost effective they have been the go-to option for many schools looking to increase space in which to accommodate students.

Over time however the units become run-down, potentially rendering them no longer fit for purpose. Having existing units refurbished is proving to be an excellent and cost-effective alternative to replacing old for new - as was the case for Fairfield school in Bristol.

Refurbishing - a better option for Fairfield

Fairfield school had several older mobile units which they thought needed to be replaced. They were given a quote of £900,000 to do the work, Hookway was able to refurbish all of the units for less than half that price.

Our experienced surveyors have worked on numerous modular classroom refurbishments. Done well, the work completely transforms a building leaving it as good as new - and a well refurbished building can be expected to last for at least another 40 years - making this a very worthwhile investment.

The Sustainable alternative

Refurbishing is also far more environmentally friendly than rebuilding. Repairing and reusing building materials dramatically cuts down on waste, making it a sustainable alternative.  

Fairfield school’s modular units now look brand new and provide much needed additional space as well as a pleasing, well insulated and comfortable environment for the students.

If you are interested in finding out about refurbishing modular classrooms please email your enquiry or call O117 955 4545


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Fairfield school had several older mobile units which they thought needed to be replaced. Hookway was able to refurbish the units for less than half that price of rebuilding.

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“The new washroom facilities have significantly improved the internal environment and Hookway have been on-hand to efficiently project manage these works to our satisfaction.”

“This year we had two bids totalling over a one million pounds for Lawn Manor. Our new boilers and plant, and new roof projects have gone completely smoothly, safely and within budget.”

“The whole project has been a complete success from start to finish. Hookway and the builders (HBC) were a pleasure to deal with and the project management was highly professional.”